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Andrea Chong
How I'm staying connected during my Tokyo trip: my pocket wifi device from @y5buddysg.
Jemma Wei
Balancing act: instagramming all day everyday in Tokyo with this @y5buddysg 4g wifi egg
Chloe WL
Thankful that we have our wifi device rented from @y5buddysg!
NUS Bizad Club
While many of us still can survive without internet (probably for a limited amount of time), the usage is not limited to Facebook browsing or replying to your Whatsapp chats.
Melissa Koh
Staying connected the entire trip all thanks to @y5buddysg!
Shine Koh
I've been able to check my emails, social feeds and navigate on google map while travelling here in Taiwan, thanks to my wifi device from @y5buddysg.
Chelsea Sim
I was pretty upbeat about simply testing it to see what magic it was, but I ended up relying on it for most of the trip.