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Due to peak travel period, strictly collect 1 working day before rental period, and return 1 working day after.

To book for multiple countries press "+ Add another destination"

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Y5Buddy | 4G Unlimited Data Pocket Wifi Rental for Singapore Y5Buddy is a Pocket Wifi rental / travel information service for travellers abroad. Rent 4G super fast wi-fi device to use around the world Y5Buddy Singapore Video Thumnail
Unlimited data from SGD $5/Day
Unlimited data from SGD $5/Day Pocket Wi-fi rental in different countries around the world available from $SGD 5/Day.
Fast and reliable 4G connection
Fast and reliable 4G connection Our Wi-Fi devices offer blazing fast 4G LTE coverage all over the world
Delivery and Pick-up of Device
Delivery and Pick-up of Device Collect from our office or deliver to your specified address. You just need to let us know 2 days before rental period if specified delivery is required. Just call or whatsapp us to arrange a return courier when you are back from your trip
Connect up to 5 Devices
Connect up to 5 Devices Stay connected and share the Wi-Fi device with you travel companions. Up to 5 devices can be connected at any one time; this means even more savings when you travel together.